Advanced Modeling and Optimization, Volume (13), No (3), Year (2011-4) , Pages (403-417)

Title : ( Model Predictive Control for Optimal Anti-HIV Drug Administration )

Authors: Hassan Zarei , Ali Vahidian Kamyad , Sohrab Effati ,

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In this paper, model predictive control (MPC) strategies are applied to the control of hu- man immunode¯ciency virus infection, with the ¯nal goal of implementing optimal continuous therapy and optimal structured treatment interruptions protocol. The MPC algorithms pro- posed in this paper use a system of di®erential equations including a model for an immune response. The multidrug therapies use the commonly used drugs in highly active antiretro- viral therapy (HAART), i.e., reverse transcriptase inhibitor and protease inhibitor anti-HIV drugs. The medical protocols designed by the proposed algorithms induce immune control of the virus without the need for continued treatment, as suggested by the models. Simulation studies show that the proposed methods provide a clinically implementable framework for calculating interruption schedules that are robust to errors due to measurement and patient variations


, Antiretroviral therapy, human immunode¯ciency virus control, model predictive control (MPC), therapy optimization.
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