8th IAG International Conference on Geomorphology , 2013-08-27

Title : ( Non-Linear Equilibrium Points in geomorphology )

Authors: Adel Sepehr ,

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The concept of “equilibrium” is quite basic to system theory and is considered here to imply a complete adjustment of the internal variables to external conditions. The external conditions usually change in two statuses: catastrophic and gradual changes. The response of a geomorphic system to these statues is different, although in the two statuses, change towards equilibrium points is main goal of geomorphic system. The geomorphic systems are complexity systems with properties of open system. In these open systems the threshold is a bifurcation point. The path followed by the thermodynamic branch beyond the threshold may involve further thresholds and hence bifurcations. In passing through a bifurcation point, the system loses its structural stability and undergoes a sudden or catastrophic change to a new form. The new equilibrium point has new energy status. The energy flow creates patterns in the geomorphic system which can be an early warning signal to find thresholds and resilience limitation of geomorphic system to response geo hazards. In this article has been analyzed these equilibrium points in the geomorphic systems. If the constraints are strong then the system may change smoothly along a thermodynamic branch into non-equilibrium states in which the theorem of minimum entropy production still applies. At a certain distance from equilibrium, called the thermodynamic threshold, non-linear relationships emerge and the steady states along the branch are not of necessity stable. Beyond the threshold, the solutions of the equations governing the dynamics of the system may no longer be unique: the system may enter one of several new regimes. The results and discussion of this article can be a new conceptual paradigm in the geo-hazards risk management.


, non-linear equilibrium, early warning signals, Thresholds, thermodynamics
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