The 16 th Iranian Chemistry Congress , 2013-09-07

Title : ( Chemical Industries, Sustainable Energy and Algae Global Economy )

Authors: Hossein Ahmadzadeh ,

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The energy crisis and increased concern for the environment with major emphasis on protection of the global ecosystem are the driving forces for the emergence of new chemical industries. Fossil fuels yield significant developmental benefits for industrialized nations but harm the environment in the form of large amounts of agricultural, domestic, and industrial waste. It is therefore important that chemists seek alternative energysources at a global level. Mass culture of algae for CO2 fixation is an attractive proposal since through its metabolic machinery, algal biomass is capable of producing H2. Algae could be used as a substrate for lipid conversion to oil production. In addition, global depletion of fossil fuels, make the oil production from lipids and fatty acids contained in algal b iomass an attractive alternative. To this end, thermochemical liquefaction of microalgal biomass is being studied as a means of producing petroleum fuel analogs. Alcoholic fermentation of cellulosic biomass is of importance because cellulose biomass occurs abundantly in the form of agricultural and forestry wastes. Anaerobic digestion of organic wastes involves a complex series of microbial reactions resulting in the production of methane gas. This process is widely applied in small-scale energy production in rural areas. Modern technologies capable of producing ethanol and methane in larger-scale operations have also been developed. In this talk, basic studies on future energy production of energyvia microalgae and the future of renewable energy from biological systems are reviewed and discussed. The global economy of new industries on algae to bioenergy will be presented. At the end, the goals of the two National Mega Projects financially sponsored by Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran and led by Mazandaran University Jahad will be briefly discussed and compared with the international projects in this field. ME1049T1


Chemical Industries; Sustainable Energy ; Algae Global
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