European Physical Journal - Applied Physics, ( ISI ), Volume (5), No (61), Year (2013-1) , Pages (10601-10606)

Title : ( Room temperature magnetization in Co-doped Anatase phase of TiO2 )

Authors: Masoud Karimipour , Maxwel Joel Mageto , Reyhaneh Etefagh , Elahe Azhir , Mghendi Mwamburi , Zareh Topalian ,

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CoxTi1–xO2 films were deposited by spray pyrolysis technique on Si(1 0 0) substrates at 475 °C. A hydro-alcoholic solution containing titanium (iv) isopropoxide and Co(NO3)2 with various Co doping levels from x = 0–0.015 in solution was used as spray solution. Grazing incident angle of X-ray diffraction illustrates that the CoxTi1–xO2 films are single phase and polycrystal with mixed orientations. Study of surface morphology of the films by atomic force microscope reveals that the annealing atmosphere does not significantly affect the grain size and the microstructure of the films. This study provides further insight into the importance of annealing atmosphere on magnetization of the films. Room temperature magneto-optical Kerr measurement was employed in polar mode. A hysteresis loop and a paramagnetic behavior have been recorded for samples annealed in H2 ambient gas and air, respectively. Chemical composition analysis by X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy showed that Co atoms are bounded to oxygen and no metallic clusters are present. Moreover, it indicates the formation of high spin Co2+ for the sample x = 0.008 annealed in H2 ambient gas. The origin of magnetization can be attributed to the contribution of oxygen vacancies in the spin polarization of the structure.


, CoxTi1−xO2 films, deposited, pyrolysis technique, polarization
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