Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (9), No (13), Year (2006-12) , Pages (2543-2545)

Title : ( Contagious ecthyma: case report and review )

Authors: Hossein Nourani , MOHSEN MALEKI ,

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After recourse of a sheepman from Sarvestan township of Fars province to Department of Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Shiraz University, due to occurrence of a disease with history of oral ulcer and mortality in lambs and kids, a group from this faculty left for the area to diagnose the disease. At first, the affected and dead animals were studied macroscopically and raised lesions on the commissures of the mouth, muzzle, lips and tongue were observed. Pustular lesion, 2 cm in diameter, developed on the index finger of right hand in one of the article authors two weeks after the macroscopic examinations. This lesion was diagnosed as orf based on macroscopic typical features, clinical course and history. Microscopically, there were epidermal or epithelial hyperplasia with long extensions into underlying connective tissue. In some sections, the affected epidermis had hydropic degeneration and small pustule formation with tissue debris at the surface. Infiltration of inflammatory cells, hyperemia and neovascularization were seen beneath the affected epidermis. In this study, We report macroscopic and microscopic lesions of contagious ecthyma in the affected animals, the characteristics of it in the human.


, Contagious ecthyma, pathology
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