6th Iranian National Seminar of C hemistry and the Environment , 2013-10-29

Title : ( Bioremoval of Nickel(ІІ) from aqueous solution using Chlorella vulgaris )

Authors: Amin Keivan Zeraatkar , Mahmod CHamsaz , Hossein Ahmadzadeh ,

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Environmental pollution by heavy metals poses a great threat to human health. Nickel is a known hepatotoxic, neurotoxic, reproductive toxic, pulmonary toxic and carcinogenic agent [1, 2]. There are different methods to remove heavy metals from wastewater including chemical precipitation, ion exchange, the electrolytic extraction, membrane processes and absorption. These methods have disadvantages such as high cost, and polluting the environment. Therefore, finding the best heavy metal removal strategy is a challenging issue. Biological approaches have shown a promising alternative for this problem. Microalgae have the potential to be used for heavy metals bioremediation from wastewater. In this investigation, Chlorella vulgaris was used as an inexpensive and efficient biosorbent for Ni(ІІ) removal from aqueous solution. The bioremoval of Ni(ІІ) metal ion was investigated in batch experiments. The experiments were carried out at pH 4.80–6.0, initial metal ion concentration of 1– 4mg/L, algal dose of 2g/L, and contact time of 4 hours. Our results showed Nickel removal of 87%, 89%, 74% and 58% for 1, 2 3, and 4mg/L of initial Ni(II) concentration respectively. The residual concentration of Ni(II) ions were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometery. The results showed decrease of Ni(ІІ) adsorption with increasing initial metal ion concentration. Maximum Nickel removal of 89% was obtained with 2mg/L as initial Ni(II) concentration. Additionally, bioremoval of Ni(ІІ) was highly pH dependent. Bioremediation of the metal ion was favored at pH below 6 and reduced at pH higher than 6. This study indicates that C. vulgaris has high capability for biosorbtion of heavy metals from industrial wastewaters. Reference [1] Duda-Chodak, A., & Blaszczyk, U. (2008). The impact of nickel on human health. Journal of Elementology, 13(4), 685-693. [2] Das, K., Das, S., & Dhundasi, S. (2008, October). Nickel, its adverse health effects & oxidative stress. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 128(4), 412-425.


Bioremoval ; Nickel (ІІ); Chlorella vulgaris
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