IV. Ulusal Veteriner Patoloji Kongresi , 2008-10-29

Title : ( Cribriform carcinoma in a dog )

Authors: Farshid Hamidi , Annahita Rezaie , Ali Baghbanzadeh ,

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An eight-year old dog who was suffering from two big mass between L5-L6 and T7-T8 was referred to a private hospital and thoracic radiographes and ultrasonography showed no metastases. After mastectomy, histopathology results revealed Cribriform Carcinoma. Tumor cells arranged in cribriform, solid with comedo and micropapillary and also subdivided into Elston Grade II. One year after surgery the owner was asked about the health status of his animal and she was well. lmmunohistochemical studies indicate positive expression of P53 and.


, Canine, cribriform, carcinoma
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