13lh Iranian child neurology congress , 2013-10-29

Title : ( Zinc supplements and children\'s Intelligent Quote (IQ) )

Authors: دکتر عزت خداشناس , Mehdi Sohrabi , اشرف محمدزاده , سپیده باقری ,

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Introduction and Objectives: Zinc is an essential micronutrient for growth and de velopment. Investigations have shown that about 20% of the world\'s populations are deficient in zinc. In the central nervous system, zinc accumulates in synaptic vesicles of neurons particularly glutaminergic which mainly are found in the forebrain and are related to limbic structures of the brain. Short-term zinc deficiency in non-human primates before puberty leads to decreased motor activity and weaker short-term memory. Little research has been done on the effect of zinc on human intellectual quote, therefore, in this study; the researchers examined the effect of zinc supplementation on children\'s Intelligent Quote in primary school. Materials and Methods: our study was a randomized, double blind, placebo-con trolled trial of 44 male school aged children (7-9y) from Azadi primary school. They were supplemented with 20 mg of zinc sulfate or placebo daily for 6 months. Children\'s raven intelligence test was registered before and after supplementation. Children\'s diet was controlled as much as possible through parental education. Results: Data were collected and were analyzed using independent t-test with p< 0.05. Results demonstrated significant effects on children\'s raven intelligence test after zinc supplementation versus placebo administration over the 6-month period. Conclusion: Based on this study, zinc supplementation improved primary schools children\'s IQ and should be considered for populations at risk for zinc deficiency.


, Zinc, Intelligent Quote, Children
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