Soft Computing, ( ISI ), Volume (18), No (9), Year (2014-2) , Pages (1-11)

Title : ( Stochastic Ordering for C-Fuzzy Random Variables and Its Applications )

Authors: reza zarei , Mohammad Amini , Abdolhamid Rezaei Roknabady ,

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This paper deals with the problem of stochastic ordering for special kind of fuzzy random variables so-called triangular c-fuzzy random variables. To this end, first we introduce the concept of c-fuzzy random variables. Then, the traditional definition of usual stochastic order extended for c-fuzzy random variables. Also, the upshifted hazard rate order, upshifted mean residual life order and their connection have been studied for c-fuzzy random variables. Some practical examples are provided to clarify the proposed approach.


, C-fuzzy random variable, Fuzzy distribution function, Fuzzy hazard rate, Fuzzy mean residual life, Stochastic orders
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