Indian Journal of Scientific Research, ( ISI ), Volume (3), No (1), Year (2014-6) , Pages (184-194)

Title : ( Design and Evaluate Assembly-Line Design Alternatives With Equipment Selection -Pass:ijsr1 )

Authors: atieh felfelani , Ahmad Tavakkoli , Alireza Pooya ,

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The design and implementation of assembly line systems have been critical issues for companies since the first assembly line was started at the Ford Plant in 1913. From that time onwards, most companies have met with various problems at the design and implementation stages of assembly line systems, two of which are the allocation of different work elements to various workstations and the proper equipment selection for workstations. Therefore, in this article, to overcome both the above mentioned problems, first we propose 0–1 integer programming model for assembly line balancing problem with the equipment selection to determine an optimum solution at purchase equipment cost. This model is solved using GAMS mathematical programming software for different predicted cycle time to generate a list of assembly line design alternatives. Since the design of an assembly line is a multi-criteria problem, the generated alternatives are evaluated by using FGAHP method to evaluate ALDs base on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that identified from literature to select best ALD


, Assembly line Design selection, Line Balancing, Branch and Bound Algorithm, Group fuzzy AHP
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