International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Volume (16), No (2), Year (2014-6) , Pages (133-139)

Title : ( Diabetic Control Using Genetic Fuzzy-PI Controller )

Authors: Masoud Goharimanesh , Ali Lashkaripour , Shadi Shariatnia , Ali Akbar Akbari ,

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This paper deals with diabetes type 1 as a nonlinear model, which has been simulated in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment by the means of Gap Metric method. A proportional controller turns three independent linear integrals into this nonlinear model.To enhance the system performance, a Fuzzy algorithm independent coefficient has been implemented.In this study, Genetic Algorithm amends the controller by improving fuzzy membership functions. Finally, the control method tuned by standard tuning procedure and the optimized form of it are compared.


, Fuzzy, PID, gap metric, genetic algorithm, diabetes
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