Food Research International, ( ISI ), Volume (66), No (10), Year (2014-1) , Pages (58-68)

Title : ( Functional properties of Balangu seed gum over multiple freeze–thaw cycles )

Authors: Diako Khodaei , Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi , Mohammad Hossein Haddad khodaparast ,

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In this study, the effect of freeze/thaw cycles (FTCs), up to 3 cycles, two freezing temperatures (-18 and -30 ºC) and different gum concentrations on some functional properties of Balangu seed gum (BSG), including the time-independent and -dependent rheological properties, textural characteristics, and emulsifying and foaming capabilities were investigated. BSG exhibited strong shear thinning and thixotropy that influenced by the FTCs. Freeze/thaw treatments increased the yield stress, consistency coefficient, initial and equilibrium shear stresses, while the flow behavior index remained almost constant, although the impact of lower temperature and higher concentration were more pronounced. BSG demonstrated an excellent water holding capacity, so that no syneresis was observed during the FTCs. Textural, emulsifying and foaming properties of BSGs enhanced by concentration increment and FTCs. The results indicated excellent functional properties of BSG, which can be used in frozen foods to decrease the destructive effects of ice crystals growth


Hydrocolloid; freezing; functional properties; rheology; texture
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