Biomedical Optics Express, Volume (2), No (6), Year (2011-6) , Pages (1478-1493)

Title : ( Experimental investigation of NIRS spatial sensitivity )

Authors: A V Patil , Javad Safaie , H Abrishami Moghaddam , F Wallois , R Grebe ,

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Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is regarded as a potential medical diagnostic technique for investigation of hemodynamic changes. However, uncertainties pertaining to the origin of NIRS signals have hampered its clinical interpretation. The uncertainities in NIRS measurements especially in case of living tissues are due to lack of rigorous combined theoretical-experimental studies resulting in clear understanding of the origin of NIRS signals. For their reliable interpretation it is important to understand the relationship between spatial changes in optical properties and corresponding changes in the NIRS signal. We investigated spatial sensitivity of near infrared optical measurements using an experimental approach. It uses a liquid optical phantom as tissue equivalent, which is explored under robot-control by a small, approximately point like perturbation of desired optical properties, and a NIRS instrument for trans-illumination/reflection measurements. The experimentally obtained sensitivity has been analyzed and compared with numerical simulations. In preliminary experiments we investigated the influence of various optical properties of the medium and of source/detector distances on the spatial sensitivity distribution. The acquired sensitivity maps can be used to define characteristic parameters. As an example, we used a 25% threshold to define a penetration depth measure which provides values in good accordance with published ones. To the best of our knowledge this is the first experimental study of NIRS spatial sensitivity. The presented method will allow in depth experimental investigation of the influence of various conditions pertaining to medium such as optical properties of tissue (scattering and absorption) and of the source/detector configuration.


, Medical optics instrumentation, Light propagation in tissues, Absorption
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