the 4th International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery , 2014-10-21

Title : ( Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Normal Supramammary Lymph Node in Saanen Goats )

Authors: masoud ghaemmaghami , Babak KHoramian Toosi , Masoud Rajabioun , Abbas Ali Naserian , Mohammad Azizzadeh ,

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Objective- To evaluate the ultrasonography appearance of the Normal supramammary lymph node in saanen goat. Animals- 20 female saanen goat Design- Descriptive study Procedures- Milk sample of each teat was taken separately under standard condition for bacteriological culture and SCC test and the result was documented for each side. Twenty goats were negative in culture and recruited for ultrasonographic evaluation of normal Supramammary Lymph node. Mindray PD 6600 ultrasonographic Machine with 10 MHz linear transducer was used. Weight and estimated age of the goats was documented. Length, width and circumference of the lymph node on each side was measured separately by Image J software. For precise measurement three images was saved for each lymph node and average data was reported for each parameter. Echogenicty and echotexture of the lymph node was evaluated as a subjective parameter. By using SPSS software, statistical analysis was performed on the obtained data. Results- Mean length, width and area of the supramammary lymph node were 10.32 mm, 21.58 mm and 188.95 mm2, respectively. No significant relation was seen between weight of the goat and dimension of the supramammary lymph node. Age showed significant positive relation with the lymph node dimension. The supramammary lymph node showed oval-shaped structure with homogenous hypoechoic appearance in comparison with around tissue and fine echogenic capsule as well as presence of echogenic area in center of the lymph node. In some goats, a small supramammary lymph node was seen adjacent to large one. Conclusion and Clinical Relevance- Echogencity, echotexture and dimension of the lymph node was evaluated in this study. Base on the previous study in bovine supramammary lymph node ultrasonographic appearnace, hypoechoic to anechoic paranchymal structure with echogenic capsule and central echogenic area was described. Presence of the fat in the hilus of the lymph node can be responsible of the central echogenic area.


, Ultrasonography, Supramammary lymph node, Saanen goat
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