Romanian Journal of Physics, ( ISI ), Volume (60), No (1), Year (2015-2) , Pages (190-199)

Title : ( Variance of Different Models in Electron Positron Annihilations )

Authors: reihaneh saleh moghaddam , Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian , Kurosh Javidan ,

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The average event shape variables is studied in electron positron annihilation within the context of next to leading order(NLO) perturbative QCD prediction. We measure the strong coupling constant by fitting the NLO model with the variance distribution. Then the parameters of the non-perturbative parto of theory are measured.These parameters are exracted from the dispersive model for alfa0 and also from the shape function model for lambda. We explain all these features in this article.


, strong coupling constant, perturbative theory, nonperturbative
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