Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Volume (5), No (5), Year (2015-5) , Pages (1037-1046)

Title : ( Schema-based English achievement and teacher effectiveness )

Authors: Ebrahim Khodadady , Beheshteh Shakhsi Dastgahian ,

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This study explored whether the domain of teacher effectiveness as well as its underlying factors or genera relate significantly to English achievement when it is measured by schema-based cloze multiple choice item tests (S-Tests) and their tailored versions. To this end, the English Language Teachers’ Attributes Scale (ELTAS) designed by Khodadady, Fakhrabadi and Azar (2012) and validated by Khodadady and Dastgahian (2014) with 1483 grade four senior high school (G4SHS) students in Iran was employed as a measure of the domain consisting of eleven genera, i.e., Qualified, Social, Proficient, Humanistic, Stimulating, Organized, Pragmatic, Systematic, Prompt, Exam-Wise, and Lenient. The S-Test designed by Khodadady and Ghergloo (2013) was also administered to 440 of 1483 G4SHS with whom the ELTAS had been validated. The participants’ performance on the S-Test, the tailored S-Test as well as grade three final English examination were correlated with the domain and its genera. The results showed varying types and degrees of significant relationship between English achievement and the domain as well as its underlying genera. The findings are discussed and suggestions are made for future research.


, language learning, teacher effectiveness, achievement,
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