Iranian Journal of Veterinary Surgery, Volume (10), No (1), Year (2015-7) , Pages (59-63)

Title : ( Surgical Repair of Lateral Patellar Luxation in Two Foals )

Authors: Samaneh Ghasemi , Kamran Sardari , Ahmad Raza Mohamadnia , Faezeh Alipour , Ali Mirshahi , Masoud Rajabioun ,

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Case Description- Two foals were referred for lameness evaluation. Case 1 was an 8-month-old male KWPN foal and the second one was a 2-day-old female Arabian foal. Clinical Findings- The KWPN foal was presented with severe lameness at walk and the second foal was unable to stand. In both patients luxation of the patella was confirmed on physical and radiological examinations. Treatment and Outcome- Patellar luxation was corrected by combination of releasing and imbrication methods in both cases. Follow up revealed that lameness gradually improved during postoperative period. Conclusion and Clinical Relevance- Diagnosis and surgical repair of lateral patellar luxation were reported in two foals as the first report in Iran. It was concluded that patella luxation as a congenital cause of lameness in foals can be corrected by surgical techniques successfully


, Foal, Lateral patellar luxation, Surgical repair
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