Advances in Environmental Biology, ( ISI ), Volume (8), No (11), Year (2014-11) , Pages (1282-1288)

Title : ( Agricultural Management by new Diagnostic of Selling Sulfur Organic Granular Fertilizer )

Authors: Amirhossein Tayebi Abolhasani , Hamideh Razavi ,

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The low percentage of organic matters in the soil and their alkaline status (high PH), especially in Khorasan of Iran provinces is a good reason for the production and distribution of non-chemical fertilizers along with suitable add-ons for the enrichment of farms and gardens. This motivation has led to the implementation of an explanatory plan entitled "The production of granular sulfur organic fertilizer from compost" in 2004 commissioned by the Mashhad Municipality’s Waste Management Organization in Khorasan-e-Razavi Ministry of Agricultural Jihad High Education Center. The main feature of this scheme is the production of fertilizer granules in the form of rods (pellets) and the addition of sulfur to decrease the soil PH. After the start of operation by the private sector, the production rate reached a maximum of 800-1,000 tons per month which based on the design needs mush be about 1,800-2,000 tons per month or 20,000 tons per year. During three consecutive years, the company's sales were declining and eventually led to the closure of the factory in 2012. This research is performed based on the general approach of diagnostic projects and the implementation of factor sensitivity analysis procedures. After a short familiarization with various kinds of fertilizers and the advantages of granular organic fertilizers with a neutral view, what is obtained based on observations and studies during the project will be criticized. After that the diagnostic methods will be separately discussed and the methodology of the project will be selected and justified. Next the selected method is implemented and the results are presented along with real practical solutions.


, organic fertilizer, sulfur granular fertilizer, sales diagnostic, management, Agricultural
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