British Poultry Science, ( ISI ), Volume (54), No (2), Year (2013-7) , Pages (171-175)

Title : ( Genetic polymorphism of the CAPN1 gene is associated with meat quality )

Authors: Rasouli, Z , Saeed Zerehdaran , Azari, M , Shargh, M ,

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1. The objective of the study was to investigate the polymorphisms in two regions of the calpain 1 (CAPN1) gene and their association with breast and thigh meat quality in Japanese quail (ultimate pH (pHu), lightness, redness, yellowness, drip loss, thawing-cooking loss, water holding capacity and shear force, SF). 2. Blood samples were collected randomly from 100 birds and DNA was extracted using a commercial kit. Genotypes were determined by PCR ampli fi cation followed by single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis. The effect of CAPN1 genotypes on meat quality traits were analysed using a general linear model (GLM) procedure. 3. Genotypes of the CAPN1 gene in the fi rst region (217-bp) analysed were signifi cantly associated with yellowness and SF. The TT genotype showed signifi cantly higher yellowness and lower shear force (more tenderness) than CT and CC genotypes. Genotypes of the second region of the gene (intron 4, 800-bp) were signi fi cantly associated with pHu, redness and SF of the breast meat. The BB genotype showed signifi cantly lower pHu and redness and higher SF (lower tenderness) than other genotypes. 4. Information on polymorphisms of the CAPN1 gene will eventually provide useful information for improving meat quality of Japanese quail through marker-assisted selection.


, polymorphism, calpain 1 gene, Japanese quail
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