Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering, Volume (19), No (2), Year (2016-6) , Pages (117-124)

Title : ( Optimization of Biodiesel Production Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm )

Authors: Masoud Goharimanesh , Ali Lashkaripour , Ali Akbar Akbari ,

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In this modern technological age, one of the challenges facing the transportation industry, is a substitute for diesel as a fuel for less polluting. Meanwhile, each kind of fuel due to the cetane number specified in a diesel cycle cannot be selected. One of the alternatives for this is biodiesel which indirectly is obtained from animal fat in the presence of alcohol. The cost of fuel more than the price of conventional fuels will be more productive; the optimization of production in the industry is very important. There are many optimization techniques to evaluate the production temperature during biodiesel production process. In this paper, the genetic algorithm as one of the strongest evolutionary algorithm has applied the procedures to the best reaction point is occurring. Moreover, for the best analyzing of optimization, the multi objective genetic algorithm is employed. The achieved temperature point for maximizing the production was a wide range of temperature which can be made as final decision as shown in Pareto front result. This section was considered to maximize the amount of Ester and Alcohol in this production and minimize the other products. This result can define a new strategy for industrial biodiesel production planning.


, fuel, biodiesel, Triglycerides, methyl ester, optimization, genetic algorithms
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