EGU 2015- European Geo-sceinces Union , 2015-04-12

Title : ( Linear programming model to develop geodiversity map using utilitytheory )

Authors: Adel Sepehr ,

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In this article, the classification and mapping of geodiversity based on a quantitative methodology was accom-plished using linear programming, the central idea of which being that geosites and geomorphosites as main in-dicators of geodiversity can be evaluated by utility theory. A linear programming method was applied for geodi-versity mapping over Khorasan-razavi province located in eastern north of Iran. In this route, the main criteriafor distinguishing geodiversity potential in the studied area were considered regarding rocks type (lithology),faults position (tectonic process), karst area (dynamic process), Aeolian landforms frequency and surface riverforms. These parameters were investigated by thematic maps including geology, topography and geomorphologyat scales 1:100’000, 1:50’000 and 1:250’000 separately, imagery data involving SPOT, ETM+(Landsat 7) and fieldoperations directly. The geological thematic layer was simplified from the original map using a practical lithologiccriterion based on a primary genetic rocks classification representing metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks.The geomorphology map was provided using DEM at scale 30m extracted by ASTER data, geology and googleearth images. The geology map shows tectonic status and geomorphology indicated dynamic processes and land-form (karst, Aeolian and river). Then, according to the utility theory algorithms, we proposed a linear programmingto classify geodiversity degree in the studied area based on geology/morphology parameters. The algorithm usedin the methodology was consisted a linear function to be maximized geodiversity to certain constraints in the formof linear equations. The results of this research indicated three classes of geodiversity potential including low,medium and high status. The geodiversity potential shows satisfied conditions in the Karstic areas and Aeolianlandscape. Also the utility theory used in the research has been decreased uncertainty of the evaluations.


, Linear Programming, Geodiversity, Utility Theory
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