Humanising Language Teaching, Volume (18), No (1), Year (2016-2) , Pages (1-10)

Title : ( L2 Learners' Perceptions of Teachers' Roles in EFL Settings )

Authors: Leila Sayah , Reza Pishghadam , Behzad Ghonsooly , Azar Hosseini Fatemi ,

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Teacher-learner relationships have long been investigated in a considerable literature to build an effective teaching and learning environment. Yet recent literature on teachers' or learners' centeredness ignored the students' perceptions contributing to create a positive relationship with their teachers or to develop cognitive and behavioral effectiveness. To fill this gap, to some extent, it was determined to design a questionnaire focusing on the learners' perceptions concerning their teachers' roles considering the subjective cultural elements as social interpersonal, religious and political roles. 730 male and female students from public schools and private English language institutes participated in this study. Principle Component Analysis extracted five underlying factors in the study. Further, the questionnaire was validated through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using the LISREL program and influential fit indices were observed. When analyzing the perceptions of the learners in two settings, the dominance of cultural role over other roles was confirmed. Consequently, it was recommended to emphasize the importance of local home culture to improve the students' belittling religious, political, and professional roles of their language teachers.


, Perception, Identity, Language learning
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