1st Congress of chemical Biotechnology , 2016-03-06

Title : ( Biodegradation of pyrene by indigenous bacteria isolated from Gachsaran oil field )

Authors: ensieh daliri , Bahar Shahnavaz , Taherh Heidari ,

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Pyrene is taken account one of the Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which is hazardous for health and environment. Bioremediation of contaminated soils is an efficient way of reform [1]. One of the most important ways to PAHs’ removal is to find of bacterial strains capable of using PAHs as the source of carbon and energy [2]. The objective of this study is to evaluate of biodegradation potential of indigenous bacteria isolated from oil field of Gachsaran. A dilution series of oil contaminated soil sample was prepared and cultivated on salt mineral medium broth containing pyrene as carbon sources at a final concentration of 100 mg/L. The bacterial isolation were carried out by morphological features. The selected bacteria were cultivated in medium containing pyrene. The growth rate and biodegradation of pyrene were monitored at intervals of 48 hours. The gram reaction showed that theses isolates are belonging to gram negative bacteria. Isolate G8 has highest removal rate of pyrene in 6 days 79.77% and G6 is 77.47% then isolate G11 is able to remove of 61.34% of pyrene on sixth day. However, the concentration of pyrene in culture of isolate G5 is 24.48% after 6 days .This study shows that indigenous species are capable of removing of pollutants. Molecular identification, biochemical characterization and optimization of growth conditions in order to increase the efficiency of these strains is under investigation.


, Biodegradation, Pyrene, Oil field
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