SKASE Journal of Translation and Interpretation, Volume (9), No (1), Year (2016-4) , Pages (26-43)

Title : ( Typology of Capitals Expected and Received by Iranian Translators )

Authors: Mohsen Kafi , Masood Khoshsaligheh , Mohammad Reza Hashemi ,

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Translation Studies, as a fledgling yet developing focus in humanities, has undertaken a move away from linguistic orientations and towards sociological concerns. Hence, there has been increasing research using Bourdieu’s sociology as their framework. The current study is a quantitative research which uses Bourdieu’s notion of capital in order to investigate the expected and received capitals of prospective and practicing Iranian translators, respectively. For that matter, a 24 item questionnaire instrument was adapted and used for data collection. The collected data was analyzed using a number of inferential statistical procedures including exploratory factor analysis, t-test, and one-way ANOVA. As for the participants, 225 practicing translators and 178 prospective translators took participated in this cross-sectional survey study. The results indicate that the expected capitals of prospective Iranian translators significantly differ from the received capitals of practicing Iranian translators. Moreover, the received capitals of male practicing translators were significantly higher than those of female translators based on their own perception. However, work experience did not prove to have a significant effect on the level of perception of capitals received by practicing translators.


, Bourdieu, Sociological capitals, Practicing translators, Prospective translators, Iran
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