Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, ( ISI ), Volume (25), No (4), Year (2016-10) , Pages (677-687)

Title : ( English Language Teachers’ Burnout Within the Cultural Dimensions Framework )

Authors: fahime sabouri , Reza Pishghadam ,

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The aim of the present study was to explore burnout among Iranian English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers within Hofstede’s cultural framework. Tothis end, first multiple correspondence analysis was run,and the results of which revealed a significant relationship between the cultural dimensions and the burnout components. Next, multiple regression analysis was employed to examine whether the cultural dimensions can predict any of the burnout components. Emotional exhaustion was found to be predicted by uncertainty avoidance and indulgence/restraint. Depersonalization was also predicted by masculinity/ femininity and indulgence/restraint. Masculinity/ femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and indulgence/restraint were found to be the predictors of personal accomplishment. The risk of burnout among Iranian EFL teachers was also found to increase with low Indulgence, high avoidance of uncertainty, and low femininity. In the end, the findings were recommended to be infused in teacher pre- and inservice training which address the practical needs of EFL teachers.


, Burnout, Hofstede’s cultural model, Iranian EFL teacher
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