Journal of Language and Literature, Volume (6), No (1), Year (2015-9) , Pages (11-15)

Title : ( Death of the Translator: Anti-intentionnalist Theory of Translation )

Authors: Mehran Zendehboudi , Mohammad Reza Farsian ,

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In this paper which could be regarded as an introduction to a general theory of translation, we try to introduce the anti-intentionalist theory of translation as a new look at translation. It goes without saying that in the limited framework of this paper, we can only outline some main concepts of the theory. The theme of "the death of the translator", opposed to the intentionalist theme of translation, is placed in the heart of anti-intentionalist translation theory. According to this theory, a reader does not intend to penetrate into the mind of a translator. This theory is based on the principle that in translation act, whatever the intention of the translator, the target text makes sense independent of the intension of the translator. We will underline that meaning of a text greatly goes beyond the intension of the author or translator and finds its place in warp and woof of the text. This theory holds that the role of the translator is the same as the role of the author. We are not talking about "recreation" rather we are talking about "creation". We emphasize that anti-intentionalist translation theory suggests that translation of a text is independent of author and his world. The goal of translation, in this theory, is not to understand the intention of the translator nor that of the author.


, Anti-intentionalist translation theory, the death of the translator, anti-skopos translation, white translation, typology of translation
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