Acta Medica Mediterranea, Year (2018-6)

Title : ( The Nature of Ideology and Explanation of Its Implications for Curriculum )

Authors: ahmadreza fazeli , Maghsoud Amin Khandaghi , Mahmood Saeedy Rezvani , Morteza Karami ,

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Ideology is as major influence on the social implications of the social sciences, particularly education system and curriculum in each country. The aim of this study was to determine the nature of ideology and its semantics implies that the curriculum is. Definitions of ideology is discussed, examined and analyzed their nature and in terms of genus and three general categories, picked up the scientific or epistemological, social withdrawal or sociological and cultural perceptions were divided. the basic principles of curriculum and originally known books such as efficiency, control and predict the exact purpose of the center is, the accurate prediction purposes, logically organize content and other elements of the curriculum is effective. Based on the social conception of ideology, an important source of design and curriculum development is community and community needs and curriculum are designed around social issues. The basic objective of the curriculum preparing students for life in society, labor market and interact constructively with others. Based on the cultural perception of the nature of ideology, culture and customs curriculum according to design and develop the culture of each region and environment, in other words, context-based and position-based curriculum is being completely that not all of the objectives, content and other elements of the curriculum was designed and developed. The curriculum and its elements can not be determined in advance but only a general framework curriculum is determined and this type of curriculum requires teachers with academic and professional qualifications high level that they can play a role in programming.


, nature, ideology, curriculum, curriculum ideology
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