13th Iranian Statistics Conference , 2016-08-23

Title : ( Comparison of Systems Ageing Properties by Gini-type Index )

Authors: Motahareh Parsa , Antonio Di Crescenzo , Hadi Jabbari Nooghabi ,

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The investigation of systems ageing properties is vitally important to distinguish the optimum strategy for connecting the system components. Here, Gini-type index is introduced as a useful tool to study the ageing properties of a system and is utilized to compare two complicated systems models under different ageing assumptions of their consisting components.


, Ageing properties, cumulative hazard, Gini-type index, systems
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%T Comparison of Systems Ageing Properties by Gini-type Index
%A Parsa, Motahareh
%A Antonio Di Crescenzo
%A Jabbari Nooghabi, Hadi
%J 13th Iranian Statistics Conference
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