Physical Review C, ( ISI ), Volume (94), No (3), Year (2016-9) , Pages (34904-34911)

Title : ( Colliding solitary waves in quark gluon plasmas )

Authors: Azam Rafiei , Kurosh Javidan ,

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We study the head-on collision of propagating waves due to perturbations in quark gluon plasmas. We use the Massachusetts Institute of Technology bag model, hydrodynamics equation, and suitable equation of state for describing the time evolution of such localized waves. A nonlinear differential equation is derived for the propagation of small amplitude localized waves using the reductive perturbation method.We show that these waves are unstable and amplitude of the left-moving (right-moving) wave increases (decreases) after the collision, and so they reach the borders of a quark gluon plasma fireball with different amplitudes. Indeed we show that such arrangements are created because of the geometrical symmetries of the medium.


, Solitary waves, quark gluon plasma, MIT Bag Model. Head on
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