2006 International Conference on Emerging Technologies , 2006-11-13

Title : ( A Hybrid Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm )

Authors: Samad Paydar , Mahmoud Naghibzadeh , Abulfazl Yavari Khalilabad ,

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The problem of mutual exclusion has to be solved to prevent race condition and, as a result, prevent the possibility of a program producing an incorrect result. Providing deadlock-free distributed mutual exclusion algorithms is often difficult and it involves passing many messages. The two major types of these algorithms are token-based and permission-based algorithms. In this research, we propose a hybrid distributed mutual exclusion algorithm. By Hybrid, we mean that the algorithm uses both token-based and permission-based techniques. The best case and worst case number of messages passed for every critical region entry and exit is calculated, which are better than many other algorithms.


, mutual exclusion, distributed algorithm, token-based, permission-based, deadlock-free
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