Precision Engineering, Volume (48), No (1), Year (2016-1) , Pages (216-233)

Title : ( A novel flexure beam module with low stiffness loss in compliant mechanisms )

Authors: hasan malaeke sagha , Hamid Moeenfard ,

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Flexure mechanisms provide guided motion via elastic deformation of thin beams. Due to the employment of compliant elements, these mechanisms cannot sufficiently maintain acceptable constraint stiffness level in the entire range of motion. The stiffness deterioration afflicts the performance of flexure mechanisms in terms of motion range, accuracy and constraint characteristics. This paper presents a novel flexure beam module with improved constraint behavior in beam-based flexure mechanisms. The proposed module alleviates the problem of stiffness loss in large displacements and provides a better motion performance. The mathematical model governing the static behavior of the module is developed using the principle of virtual work. The geometric nonlinearity associated with large midplane stretching is taken into account. Closed-form solutions are derived for load-displacement relationships, providing a powerful design tool for the novel flexure. Also a nonlinear expression is obtained for the strain energy of the flexure in terms of end displacements. The functionality of the presented module is exploited in a multi-beam parallelogram mechanism. The constraint behavior of the parallelogram is analytically quantified and considerable improvements in stiffnesses and error motions are observed. The analytical results provided in this paper are verified via finite element simulations. The proposed novel module can be used as the building block of more complex flexures to improve their stiffness characteristics, diminish their error motions and widen their stability region.


, Flexure mechanisms, Novel flexure module, Stiffness loss, Motion accuracy, Load-displacement relationship, Parallelogram mechanism.
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