Statistical Papers, ( ISI ), Volume (60), No (5), Year (2019-10) , Pages (1631-1647)

Title : ( Signature-based approach for stress-strength systems )

Authors: Zohreh Pakdaman , Jafar Ahmadi , Mahdi Doostparast ,

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This paper deals with the stress-strength system reliability based on signatures. By using signature-based properties of strength systems, the performance of the stress-strength reliability is assessed. It is shown that the survival function of the remaining strength of a system can be expressed as a mixture of the survival functions of the remaining strengths of their components and for systems consisting of exponential components, it is derived explicitly. The optimal system configuration in terms of the signature has been determined under an exponential stress-strength model.


, Stress-strength model, Mixed systems, Signature vector, Stochastic orders, Remaining strength system
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