Trends in Life Sciences, Volume (5), No (4), Year (2017-2) , Pages (11-14)

Title : ( Enzymatic activity of liver in ostrich embryo (struthio camelus) )

Authors: masoumeh ahadian , zohreh saadatfar , Hamideh Ghodrati Azadi ,

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In this study, the enzymatic activity of liver was evaluated in interval ages of ostrich embryos. For this aim the important liver enzymes such as; LDH, ALT, AST and ALP were measured. The frozen pieces were centrifuged in 3000 rpm for 10-15 minute, afterward they centrifuged in 12000 rpm for 2-3 minute. The supernatant liquid was studied for measuring plasma biochemical parameters. The Concentration of enzymes was detected by photometric method. The results showed that LDH decreased specially after 22th day, ALT increased after 16th day and the ALP between 22th to 36th days was increased. The AST was variable during development.


, Liver enzymes, LDH, AST, ALT, ALP
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