Applied Research on English Language, Volume (6), No (1), Year (2017-7) , Pages (43-66)

Title : ( The Lyrical Sensibility in English Nature Writing: An Appraisal Analysis )

Authors: Zahra Kordjazi , Behzad Ghonsooly , Mohammad Ghazanfari ,

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This study explores emotive language in lyrical nature writing from the perspective of ecolinguistics in four nature books. In fact, embodied mind style is explored by considering emotive language as a linguistic phenomenon that can inject into the readers' minds the sensorial, emotional and psychological experiences of the lyricist. The interrogation of emotive language is based on Attitude subsystem of Appraisal Analysis, which consists of Affect, Judgement, and Appreciation (Martin & White, 2005). The analyses of the linguistic portrayal of Affect -- based on the modified Affect system sub-categories, including Un/Happiness, Dis/Satisfaction, In/Security, Dis/Inclination, and Surprise -- reveal the prevalence of Insecurity in the books by contemporary nature writers and Happiness in the books by their predecessors. Moreover, the Judgement and Appreciation analyses suggest that moral sentiment and aesthetic emotion are indispensable parts of lyrical nature writing that can awaken humility and sympathy in the minds and hearts of the readers.


, Appraisal Analysis, Discourse, Ecolinguistics, Ecology, Ideology, Nature Writing
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