Electronic Library, Volume (35), No (2), Year (2017-4) , Pages (233-245)

Title : ( Information seeking behaviour of ordinary and elite saffron farmers in Iran )

Authors: Iraj Radad , Hassan Behzadi , Somayeh Zadehrahim ,

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Purpose: The present research has been conducted in order to compare information-seeking behavior of ordinary and elite saffron farmers in Iran. Design/methodology/approach:The study sample consisted of 375 saffron farmers (295 ordinary and 80 elite saffron farmers) whom were selected through use of cluster sampling method. Data were collected by a kind of researcher-made questionnaire. Findings: The results showed saffron onion, pesticides and cultivators, and farmland worker were the main components of saffron farmers’ information seeking behavior of both groups. The most important sources of information for both groups included reference to past experience, neighboring saffron farmers, contact with informants, and other family members. The main criteria which affected the behavior of the two groups on the use of information sources were provided information in local language, native people, clear and intelligible information, and low cost. Farmers were also confronted with common problems such as lack of attention to the needs of farmers, and insufficient number of technical experts. It was also found that there was no significant relationship between information seeking behavior of elite and ordinary saffron farmers and their performance. Originality/value: Saffron is one of the most important agricultural export products in Iran and this paper is the first research in this subject and the paper results can develop information seeking behaviour of farmers.


, Iran, Information seeking behaviours, Elite saffron farmers, Ordinary saffron farmers
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