Polymer Science - Series B, Volume (59), No (1), Year (2017-1) , Pages (1-6)

Title : ( Bis(imino)pyridine–Iron(II) Complexes for Ethylene Polymerization )

Authors: Saman Damavandi , Gholamhossein Zohuri , Reza Sandaroos , Saeid Ahmadjo ,

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Abstract—Ethylene polymerization was carried out using new late transition metal 2,6-bis(imino)pyridine catalysts containing different substituents (H, NO2, and OCH ) at the para position of the pyridine ring, activated by methylaluminoxane. Effects of polymerization parameters such as ethylene pressure, reaction temperature, hydrogen concentration and structure variation on the catalysts activities and polymer properties were investigated. Introducing the functionality in the para-position of the pyridine ring of the catalysts had remarkable effect on the polymer properties as well as the catalysts activities. 3


, Ethylene polymerization, catalyst polymerization, Late transition metal, polymer
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%A Saman Damavandi
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%A Reza Sandaroos
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