Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, Volume (56), No (66), Year (2017-6) , Pages (665-689)

Title : ( Study of shearlet transform using block matrix dilation )

Authors: Zahra Amirihafshejani , Hojjat Bagherzadeh HosseinAbad , Ahad Harati , Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol ,

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In this paper, the shearlet theory is extended from ordinary matrices to block matrices and its properties are investigated. More precisely, the block shearlet group is defined as a semidirect product group and the block shearlet transform is constructed by means of a quasiregular representation of this semidirect product group. In addition, we show that the block shearlet transform can overcome two major issues of the classical shearlet transform: time complexity and redundancy. We also report the result of careful experiments on video denoising which compares our proposed method with state of the art multiscale techniques, including curvelets and 3D shearlet transform.


, Block shearlets, Semidirect prouduct group, Unitary representation, Denoising, Image processing
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