Information Processing in Agriculture, Volume (5), No (1), Year (2018-1) , Pages (83-113)

Title : ( Solar thermal simulation and applications in greenhouse )

Authors: M.Taki , Abbas Rohani , M.Rahmati-Joneidabad ,

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In this study, a comprehensive review focusing on key strategies of energy saving technologies based on simulation of heat and mass transfer and also artificial intelligent for climate controlling is presented. Following the brief and concise assessment of existing greenhouse systems in terms of their role in total energy consumption; effective shape and structure, energy-efficient and new technologies are analyzed in detail for potential utilization in greenhouses for notable reductions in energy consumption and also go toward the sustainability. The technologies considered within the scope of this research are mainly renewable and sustainable based solutions such as photovoltaic (PV) modules, solar thermal (T) collectors, hybrid PV/T collectors and systems, phase change material (PCM) and underground based heat storage techniques, energy-efficient heat pumps, alternative facade materials for better thermal insulation and power generation. The findings from the research clearly reveal that up to 70% energy saving can be achieved through appropriate retrofit of conventional greenhouses. Using of solar greenhouses in Europe is more popular than others. In some countries in Asia such as Iran, it is very restrict to invest on renewable projects because of cheap fossil fuels. So it is recommended beside of investments by private investors, the Iranian government should also invest in the extension of solar energy in greenhouse by setting up a specialized agency or contracting firms. Those should target the modeling and design the best shape of solar greenhouse for all agricultural areas to receive the maximum solar radiation and decrease the need of fossil fuels.


, Agricultural greenhouse, Sustainability, Heat and mass transfer, Modeling and simulation
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