Modern Applied Science, Volume (11), No (9), Year (2017-8) , Pages (69-74)

Title : ( Evaluate the Barriers to Attract Sponsors in the Sport: Industry of Khorasan Razavi )

Authors: fatemeh gharaee , Mahdi Talebpour , Seyed Morteza Azimzadeh ,

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Purpose: Evaluate the barriers to attract financial supporters in the sport industry of Khorasan Razavi has been done. Methodology: The method of this research is applied and descriptive-comparative type. The statistical population of this research includes all managers of factories and private companies, managers of sport clubs and sport authorities of Khorasan Razavi province which among these the 100 CEOs of factories, 114 club managers and sport chairmanparty have been chosen randomly in Mashhad, Sabzevar, Taybad and Kashmar. Questionnaires of sport financial supporters of Ameri and et al (2009) had been the tools under usedwhich the Cronbach's alpha has been obtained as 0.711 in this study. SPSS19 software has been used in order to evaluate data analysis. Research hypotheses has been evaluated by using independent t-test. Findings: findings showed that the both first and forth hypotheses were confirmed among 4 hypotheses that were tested means that, there is a difference between perspective of managers of private companies and sports managers in relation with barriers of financial supporters and problems related to teams. Conclusion: Obtained results have been explained and compared based on findings of pervious researches. In fact most managers of companies compared with club managers the lack of sponsor from the sports industry have mentioned as a most important factor and problems related to teams including unpopularity of teams and Lack of using players and famous coaches is important factor for lack of attracting financial supporter in Mashhad from perspective of both groups.


, sport industry, sport sponsors, Khorasan Razavi
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