Food Science and Technology International, ( ISI ), Volume (23), No (5), Year (2017-12) , Pages (415-425)

Title : ( The flow properties of honey–malt spread )

Authors: mohammad dianat , Masoud Taghizadeh , Fakhri Shahidi , Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi ,

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In this study, the effect of barley malt extract at two brix levels (74 and 79 °Bx) and three ratios of malt extract/honey (65:35, 70:30 and 75:25) on the flow behavior properties of honey–malt spread at three temperature levels (35 ℃, 45 ℃ and 55 ℃) was investigated. Time-dependent behavior data of the spread samples were appropriately fitted to the Weltman, first-order stress decay with a zero stress value and first-order stress decay with a non-zero stress value models. Also, the Power-law, Herschel–Bulkley, Casson and Bingham models were used for curve fitting the time-independent behavior data. Regarding the R2 and root mean square error coefficients, the first-order stress decay with a non-zero stress value and Herschel–Bulkley models were selected as the suitable models to describe the flow behavior of samples. The results for time-dependent properties showed that spread samples exhibit a thixotropic behaviour, as the viscosity for all samples decreased with increase in shearing time at a constant shear rate of 50 s−1.


, Honey–malt, spread, flow properties
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