Nutrition: from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studies , 2017-09-06

Title : ( Nanotechnology in food packaging and its health safety aspects )

Authors: negar samadi , Mohammad Mohsenzadeh ,

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In food production systems nanotechnologies cover different aspects such as food safety, bioavailability, foodborn pathogen detection and packaging materials. Demand for palatable and safe food products represents crucial challenges for the food-packaging industry with the idea to design and produce novel packaging solutions able to maintain the safety and quality of products. For this purpose, besides the obvious need for an improvement of food quality, packaging technology is played a key role. A recent challenge in the food packaging is "smart packaging", in which the packaging is not a passive container, but it also provides some extra functions. Active packaging materials change the condition of the packaged product to extend shelf-life and improve microbial food safety and sensorial properties. Antimicrobial packaging systems have been found highly effective in killing or inhibiting spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms that can contaminate food products. Nano sensors to detect spoilage, bacterial growth and to monitor incorrect storage condition. Metal nanoparticles are nanometric materials exhibiting unique optical and chemical and antimicrobial properties that make them particularly attractive for a wide range of application. In fact, nanotechnology is going to change the fabrication of the entire packaging industry and nanomaterials can be used to make packaging that keeps the product inside fresher for longer. It is widely expected that nanotechnology-derived food products will be available increasingly to consumers worldwide in the coming years. In this study, we will review the advent of nanotechnology that has proved the way to innovative food packaging materials with enhanced mechanical barrier, safety and antimicrobial properties.


, Nanotechnology, food packaging, Food safety, Nanoparticle
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