Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen, ( ISI ), Volume (91), No (1), Year (2017-7) , Pages (33-42)

Title : ( Isomorphic $g$-noncommuting graphs of finite groups )

Authors: mahboube nasiri , Ahmad Erfanian , masoumeh ganjali , Abbas Jafarzadeh ,

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Let G be a finite non-abelian group and g be a fixed element of G. In 2014, Tolue et al. introduced the g-noncommuting graph of G (denoted by $\Gamma_G^g$) with vertex set G and two distinct vertices x and y join by an edge if $[x,y]\neq g$ and $g^{-1}$. In this paper, we consider an induced subgraph of $\Gamma_G^g$ with vertex set $G\ Z(G)$ which is denoted by $\Delta_G^g$. We state some properties of $\Delta_G^g$ G and prove that two groups with isomorphic g-noncommuting graphs have the same order.


, isomorphic graphs, connected graph, planar graph, g-noncommuting graph.
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