Renewable Energy, ( ISI ), Volume (123), No (1), Year (2018-2) , Pages (67-78)

Title : ( Fuzzy scheduling of a non-isolated micro-grid with renewable resources )

Authors: Mohsen Banaei , Babak Rezaee Khabooshan ,

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This paper proposes a new energy management scheduling model for optimizing operation costs of a non-isolated micro-grid. It's assumed that the micro-grid includes some renewable energy resources like wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, fuel cell, and energy storage systems, and is connected to the macro-grid through a distributed transmission line with limited capacity. Different possible uncertainties associated with different elements of the micro-grid like forecasted outputs of renewable resources, a maximum capacity of the fuel cell and batteries, a maximum capacity of distributed line and hourly demands are considered in the proposed model. Fuzzy sets concept is used to model these uncertainties in the micro-grid and a three stage optimization method is applied to find the optimal scheduling of the micro-grid under the uncertainties. The proposed method is implemented to a real case study. Impacts of variations in each element of the micro-grid and its associated uncertainty on the results are investigated through a sensitivity analysis.


, Distributed energy resources, Renewable resources, Fuzzy sets, Day-Ahead Scheduling, Fuzzy Linear programming.
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