Coastal Engineering, Volume (55), No (5), Year (2008-8) , Pages (423-430)

Title : ( Analysis of threshold and incipient conditions for sediment movement )

Authors: Aliasghar Beheshti , B. Ataie-Ashtiani ,

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Prediction of threshold conditions and incipient motion is the essential issue for the study of sediment transport. This work compares existing empirical threshold curves proposed for Shields diagram, a method based on the concept of probability of sediment movement, and an empirical method based on movability number. These methods are used to predict the incipient motion conditions for experimental runs taken from various studies. Most of the experimental data, used in this work, have not been used before in derivation of alternative formulations for Shields diagram and other methods. The empirical threshold curves based on the Shields entrainment function was the least successful at predicting the measured incipient motion conditions, while the use of the movability number gives good predictions of critical shear velocity compared with experimental data.


, Sediment transport, Incipient motion, Shields diagram, Critical shear velocity, Movability number
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