International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Volume (67), No (1), Year (2018-1) , Pages (4-19)

Title : ( The effect of reporting quality on stock returns of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange )

Authors: Mahdi Salehi , Masoumeh Tagribi , Shayan Farhangdoust ,

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Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of earnings quality (as a proxy for financial reporting quality) of companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and the quality of their financial information disclosure on stock returns. Design/methodology/approach- The authors test the hypotheses by conducting panel data analysis on a sample of 1,680 firm-year observations from companies listed on the TSE during 2009-2014. The authors also conduct the variance inflation factor and unit root tests to control for the severity of multicollinearity in their ordinary least squares regression analysis and whether the time series variables are non-stationary and possess a unit root. Findings- Using Francis et al. (2005) and modified Jones (1991) models as measures for earnings quality, the results are indicative of a significant and positive relationship between firms’ earnings quality and their stock returns. However, the research findings suggest that earnings management as well as disclosure quality (DQ) is not significantly associated with firms’ stock return. Research limitations/implications- Although the authors controlled for some of the factors affecting stock returns, there are still some other factors such as the operating environment, institutional setting and/or information uncertainty that could influence stock returns, and accordingly, the authors were not able to exclude their possibility and get the most robust results. Moreover, there are several models proposed in different studies for measuring earnings quality which have led to mixed results particularly without a general consensus on what a good model is, and whether earnings quality is a priced risk factor. Originality/value- Taken as a whole, the paper could provide new insights into the determinants of stock returns which has rarely been considered by prior finance literature. Furthermore, the unique institutional context of the paper could contribute substantially to the literature on the relationship between financial reporting and DQ and stock returns.


, Earnings quality, Earnings management, Accruals, Financial reporting quality, Stock return
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