Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery, ( ISI ), Volume (33), No (1), Year (2019-3) , Pages (15-21)

Title : ( Plasma biochemical and lipid panel reference intervals in common mynah -Acridotheres tristis- )

Authors: mohsen jahantigh , Mahdieh Zaeemi , Jamshid Razmyar , Mohammad Azizzadeh ,

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Mynahs are popular birds. Due to their common sedentary lifestyle and fed high-fat diets, captive mynahs are prone to metabolic disorders such as; obesity, fatty liver and atherosclerosis. Determination of blood clinical biochemistry reference interval is essential for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of these disorders. To establish reference intervals for the lipoprotein panel and plasma activity of liver enzymes in common mynah, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, aspartate aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyl transferase and lactate dehydrogenase activities were measured in 56 adult healthy individuals. The data was also grouped according to the sex and body weight. For all variables, no significant differences were detected between male and female mynahs and body weight had no effect on lipoprotein fractions. This study provides a reliable reference interval for some blood clinical biochemistry in healthy common mynahs that could be useful for diagnosing and monitoring avian medical problems. Determination of bile acids reference intervals, as a high sensitive and specific indicator of liver disease, may be useful in this species.


, atherosclerosis, common mynah, lipoprotein panel, liver enzymes, reference interval, LDL: HDL ratio
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