Nurse Education Today, Volume (68), Year (2018-9) , Pages (78-85)

Title : ( Mutual benefits in academic-service partnership: An integrative review )

Authors: Maliheh Sadeghnezhad , Fatemeh Heshmati Nabavi , Fereshteh Najafi , Hossein Kareshki , Habibollah Esmaily ,

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Background: Academic and service institutions involve with many challenges. Partnership programs are a golden opportunity to achieve mutual benefits to overcome these challenges. Identifying mutual benefits is the cornerstone of forming a successful partnership and guarantee to its continuity. There are definitions and instances of mutual benefits in the literature related to partnership programs, but there is no coherent evidence and clear picture of these benefits. Objective: This study is conducted to identify mutual benefits in academic-service partnership by analyzing the definitions and instances of it in the literature. Design: An integrative review of key papers regarding mutual benefits in academic-service partnership was undertaken. This review was guided by the framework described by Whittemore and Knafl. Data Sources: Search of the following databases was conducted: MEDLINE, ERIC, Google Scholar, Emerald Insight and Science Direct. The search terms were mutual benefits, mutual gains, mutual interest, mutual expectations, mutual goals, mutual demand, partnership, collaboration, academic-service partnership and academic service collaboration. Review Methods: Cooper\'s five-stage integrative review method was used. Quality evaluation of articles was conducted. Data were abstracted from included articles. The analysis was conducted based on the qualitative content analysis of the literature suggested by Zhang and Wildemuth. Results: 28 articles were included in this review. Mutual benefits are described in four categories include: synergy in training and empowerment of human resources, education improvement, access to shared resources, facilitate production and application of beneficial knowledge into practice. Conclusion: Mutual benefits in the academic-service partnership include a range of goals, interests, expectations, and needs of partner organizations that is achievable and measurable through joint planning and collaboration. We suggest academic and service policymakers to consider these benefits in the planning and evaluating partnership programs.


, Integrative review, Partnership, Academic-service partnership, Mutual benefits
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