AUT Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume (2), No (2), Year (2018-6) , Pages (125-134)

Title : ( structural damage control with interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller )

Authors: mohammad azadvar , Hassan Haji Kazemi , Abbas Karamodin ,

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One of the main shortcomings of type-1fuzzy Systems is lack of considering the uncertainties in system. Interval type-2 FLS, which is a development of fuzzy system, has ability of handling this problem and reducing the uncertainties surrounding it. In this study, by designing of an interval type-2 FLC (IT2FLC), the ability of this system to control the uncertainties in the structure was investigated. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed controller, a building with the MR dampers has been used as benchmark. The results of the analysis of the structures in the proposed controller were compared with uncontrolled structure, controlled structures equipped with the type-1FLC and the GA-FLC. Numerical results showed that the IT2FLC is more effective and more efficient in reducing the uncertainties of structure. Using the proposed controller can reduce damages in the structure, 3 to 7 percent more than the type-1 FLC. In addition, the use of IT2FLC reduced the time history responses of the structure compared with the others. The proposed controller also reduced the maximum response of the different floors of structure by 10 to 30 percent compared to the other controllers. Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) showed that the performance of IT2FLC will be more optimal than the other controllers at different load levels.


, Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller, MR damper, control of damage, IDA
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