Bulgarian Journal Of Veterinary Medicine, ( ISI ), Volume (17), No (4), Year (2014-12) , Pages (325-330)

Title : ( Aspergillosis outbreaks in ostrich flocks of eastern Iran during 2010–2012 )

Authors: M. ARAGHI , Abolfazl Ghaniei , T. HEIDARI ,

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Aspergillosis is an important infectious disease in ostriches that can be acute or chronic. Because of high morbidity and mortality rate of aspergillosis in ostriches, it can cause serious financial losses to the ostrich production industry. In this study, we discuss some outbreaks of Aspergillus infection in ostrich farms of eastern regions of Iran during 2010-2012. Signs of respiratory involvement, anorexia, depression, progressive emaciation and decreased production were the most commonly reported in affected farms. Morbidity rate was 43% and 54.53% in breeding birds and chickens, respectively. Mortality rate was 31.89% in breeding birds and 44.69% in chickens. Necropsy findings were suggestive of fungal infections in respiratory and alimentary tracts. Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus niger were identified in microbiological and pathological examinations. Management reforms and using some supportive treatments were beneficial for controlling the disease.


, Aspergillosis, Iran, ostrich
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