EGU , 2018-03-15

Title : ( Monitoring particle transport at above threshold flow conditions )

Authors: Hamed Farhadi , Kazem Esmaili , Abdolreza Zahiri ,

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This study analyzes the stochastic nature of sediment motion in a domain consisting of a range of flow conditions (from supercritical to subcritical flow, Froude number=0.65-2). Particle transport analysis is conducted by the Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) method, which tracked the movement of a single particle in a flume producing a fair amount of data to have a clear understanding on the trajectory and velocities of the transported particle. Such non-intrusive bedload monitoring techniques are very useful to robustly quantify transport (also Diplas et al. 2010). Furthermore, an attempt to investigate particle translational kinetic energy was made. The purpose of this study is to provide further insight on better estimating bedload transport by increasing knowledge about the nature of bed particle motion. The experiments are conducted in the Water Engineering Lab at the University of Glasgow on a 12m tilting recirculating flume over a test section of 300x90 cm dimension. Particle motion is captured by two high-speed commercial cameras (120-200fps), responsible for recording the top view covering the full length (3 meters) of the fake beds, over which particle transport is recorded.


, particle transport , threshold , flow conditions
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